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Apr 10, 2010 7:00pm EDT
kill someone. >> why is the president of america getting ranted at by the president of afghanistan? after the date for the general election is announced in britain and the political parties look to woo voters, we attempt to gauge the mood of the swing voter. russia has accused the united nations -- states of conniving with afghanistan's drug producers by refusing to destroy opium crops. last year, they reversed their policy of the eradicating opium. opium production has risen by nearly 50 times and russians have become huge consumers. it is estimated at 2.5 million russians are heroin addicts. it is predicted to that 30,000 will die this year. some of the scenes in the report are disturbing. >> in the siberian city, they are bringing out the dead. igor was only 20. two days ago, he was found slumped in a stairwell with a needle in his arm. now, he is being taken home to his parents. unemployment, and decay, and alcoholism. the average man here will be lucky to get to 60. now a new scourged sweeping the city -- where one. -- heroin. this is one of the worst drug neighborhoods in the
Apr 17, 2010 7:00pm EDT
the countries like america would want. so really, is all in implementation. >> the british elections -- there were plenty of points scored as the parties and other manifestoes comedy telling promises about what they would do if they got -- as the parties will leave their manifestos telling promises about what they would do if they got him up -- elected. we're joined by the director of a think tank and the director of the center for policy studies. do you think this is a radical document? >> i do. i think we've seen huge contrast between the offering from the labor party -- labour party and conservatives. the look is there. that is screaming socialism. >> i do not know if it was designed by someone who has done "tellytubbies." >> this is like open but look what government can do for your." this is a very old socialist look. we are handing the car back to you. this is our offering. this is what you can do, rather than what we can do for you. that is the philosophy. this is very much know what the government can promise. big government over-promised desperately over the last 12 years. t
Apr 24, 2010 7:00pm EDT
is facing civil court charges in america, an investigation here, a boycott by a politician and its profits have doubled. being charged with fraud is a huge hit for goldman. they denied any wrongdoing. critics say the fact that what they did could be seen as normal is a problem for the whole industry, not just here. four months of the big banks assembled at london have been waiting to find out whether the government could come up with a global proposal on banking reform. the bbc reveals details of the imf's plan. the imf proposal involves a flat rate levied on all financial institutions to create a bailout fund for any future crisis. and a financial activities tax and levied according to profits and bonuses. that would dumb down the risky behavior the banks dealt with prior to the meltdown. >> i will come with the imf is proposing. it is in line with the -- i am approving what the imf is proposing. the tax payers are underwriting them. we would do it unilaterally because great britain is in a unique position. our banking sector is so much bigger than it is in the u.s. >> we have called for
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3